Purchasing Department


Herr Bruno Devos (Wehrtechnik)
Herr Rolf Kater (Technischer Handel)

+49 2152 1445 209 

Purchasing Department

The JK purchasing department is a central element in the development of our company. As innovator, networker and global sourcer the department contributes to the organizational change of our company.

The defined target of our purchasing department is to break new ground with our suppliers in terms of procurement, dispositioning and logistics. They are the main condition for a value oriented supply management..

Quality standards such as reliability in delivery, prices and processes as well as flexibility, environmental protection and operational safety are important aspects of a successful cooperation.

Our company’s success depends largely on the performance of our suppliers. Their power of innovation, their continuous improvement processes and their commitment are the result of an efficient purchasing strategy and contribute to a large extent to the fulfillment of our company goals.

Supplier certifications according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008, 9100:2009 and 9120:2010 are basic requirements for a continuous and durable cooperation. Please be sure to read our general terms and conditions.